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Every Tuesday.. Creative Frequencies

Kirt Thoren and Laura McClanahan are Creative Frequencies. 
People may experience increased synchronicity, opening of the

heart and attunement to their higher purpose. Get into a relaxed

state as you receive the vibration from the crystal singing bowls,

Chakra drums and flower of life gong. This meditation will help

you find the stillness within that many seek. People experience

such things as expanding their imagination, opening up their hearts

and finding higher guidance.

You can find them each and every Tuesday night at 8pm and one Saturday a month.
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Mindful Meditation Series

Mondays (June 26 - July 31)
Stress–it's a 21st-century fact of life in multitasking,

plugged-in, mile-a-minute New Jersey. But wait!
There’s help!
You could be suffering from what in Buddhism is known as monkey

mind, my brain leaping from one thought branch to another like a macaque zigzagging through a
rainforest canopy. In fact, modern life has caused many of our brains to react like over-
stimulated primates incapable of noticing the world around us as we lurch and text and tweet our way through our daily lives.
This crazy buzz can benefit from Mindful Meditation, a practice that aims to reconnect us with the present, thereby allowing us to live more meaningful, joyful lives. In the process, mindfulness can alleviate the corrosive stress that is an inescapable fact of the 21st century.
Join Janette La Vigne, E-RYT200 for this well researched and time proven life affirming, transformational program. People who have participated in Mindful Meditation have found help with a range of physiological and stress-related conditions. Mindful Meditation provides training in meditation, mindful-yoga, and relaxation to mobilize your mind/body resources to work with stress, pain, and illness in new ways that can
promote growth and healing. The program includes six 45 minutes sessions.
Week One: Simple Awareness
- Introduction to the Body Scan
Week two: Attention and the Brain
- Introduction to Sitting Meditation
Week three: Dealing with Thoughts / Stress responding vs. reacting
- STOP: The One-minute Breathing Space
Week four: Dealing with Difficult Emotions / Sensations 

- Soften, Soothe, Allow
Week five: Mindfulness and Communication
- Mountain & Lake Meditations
Week six: Mindfulness and Compassion
- Loving Kindness Meditation

Day:  Mondays (June 26 - July 31)
Time:  7:15 - 8pm
Your Investment:  $15 per class or $75 for the six week series

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