​​​​​​​​​​Upcoming Workshops and Special Events!!!

Create Magic in 2018: A Soul Desire Map Workshop

Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 12 PM - 5 PM

Would you like to create more magic in your life?

Do you feel cut off from what you truly desire or feel like it's not


Have you hidden your heart's desires under years of believing

you had to be a certain way or achieve certain things according

to what others wanted you to be? If so, this workshop is for you.

Join me for this creative and fun workshop to discover what it is your heart and soul truly desire. If you've heard of a vision board or have tried it, you might know that they don't always work, espcially if it is not aligned with your soul's desires. How do you know what your soul desires? That's what this workshop is all about. You will:

• Engage in a specialized process to access your deepest Soul Desires

• Access the FEELING of your desires

• Create a visual representation of your desires

• Take it a step further by using a unique manifesting tool you can take with you

• Share space with like minded souls in a sacred, safe community

Materials will be provided, and it is highly encouraged to bring anything you wish to use to create your Soul Desire Map that is personal to you Including photos, poems, etc. An ongoing monthly Soul Desire group will be forming following this workshop. More details will follow.

Due to the sensitive and deep nature of this work, the number of participants is limited to 10. Tickets are $75 before December 31, $85 after. Delicious food is included! 

To register for this event, please call Joyce at 908-246-4149 or

pay online at :
Joyce Reuter, MA is an Empowerment coach and Mentor, advanced Theta Healing practitioner and energy alchemist with a passion for guiding others to rediscover who they are and access their authentic power to live to their highest potential. She helps others transform confusion and overwhelm to being calm and confident.

Pamper "U" For The New Year !

It's a New Year .... Time to feel Refreshed and Renewed...
Time to take care of “U”…
Join us on Saturday, February 24th, beginning at 12pm, for some pampering.
You get to pick how you want to get pampered. You can pick one, two, three or all of them!
It’s your day. It’s your choice.
Your choices include:

Foot Detox - $25
Ear Candling - $35
Palm Reading - $1.50/minute
Acutonics (sound healing tuning forks) - $1.50/minute
Aroma Dome – $20 for 25 mins
Shirodhara - $47 - $67
Paraffin Hand Treatments
.... and a few more surprises 

To register, select your treatments and times on the spreadsheet in the studio or simply contact us with your choices via email (martha@spiceoflifeyoga.com) or phone (908.787.8300).
Please Don't forget to sign up to let us know you are coming and so we can schedule your treatment time!